Sunday, January 3, 2010


This saddle is on a new tree design that Glenn Christman and I came up with. What we have done is taken all the good ideas behind the wade tree and put some swells on the tree, hence the name "Swade" (swell fork wade). One of the main benifits of a wade tree is that your horn is closer to your horse which will put less leverage on the saddle when roping. The Swade tree is at least 1" closer to your horse than any other wood post swell fork tree we have seen before, in most cases the Swades horn is around 2" lower than the average metel horn swell fork tree. Our main idea was to have a wade tree that we would not have to put buck rolls since they are built into the tree. Here are a few photos of the first saddle made on a Swade tree.

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everett said...

Real nice looking saddle. But I still prefer the wade you made me. Everett