Monday, August 24, 2009

Custom Saddle


This is a saddle I finished a little while back for a good friend and customer. The Tree was made by Rod Nikkel (, this saddle was made on a High Country tree with a Guadalajara wood post horn. It has an inlaid padded seat with water buffalo, 1/2 breed flower carved with San Carlos border accents and ruff out seat, skirts and fenders. 7/8 flat plate riggin and a short Cheyenne roll. This is a real classy looking cowboy saddle that is getting put to use in the pasture every day.

Thanks for the opportunity to build a good looking rig like this Kurt.
Much appreciated.

saddle bags


Here is a set of anquero style saddle bags that I just finished, they are flower carved with Tibetan lamb on the flaps. The bags are 8" X 8 1/2".

Thanks Mert.