Monday, December 3, 2012



 I have a used ruff out saddle for sale. This saddle has been my own personal saddle, I have one seasons riding on this saddle, it was made in Oct 2011.

Made on a wade tree (tree was made by Rod Nikkel)
The saddle has an Inlaid padded seat, straight up cantle bind, exposed stirrup leathers, eight button seat, bucking rolls, 7/8 flat plate riggin and stirrups made by Keith Wilson and mohair cinch made by Kelsey Selzer.
16'' seat
 4 1/2" X 12 1/2" cantle
 3'' X 4 1/2" finished horn cap

The new price on this saddle would be $4850, 
I am asking $4200

Thanks much, Steve

ps: I also have a used full carved wade saddle for sale 


Friday, October 12, 2012

Orvis Pro guide Waders XL 10/11


  I have a pair of Orvis Pro Guide waders for sale, they are size XL with a 10/11 foot. these waders are in almost new condition, I have only wore them about 10 times. The only reason I am selling them is because I prefer waist high waders.  Here is a link to the orvis website to see the specs on these waders.

Asking $295 OBO
(the new price is $395 US)
Thanks much, Steve


Monday, October 1, 2012


Here is a used saddle That I made this spring that is for sale. The saddle is just broke in, there is not much use on it. 

The specs on this saddle are as follows
New price $7125
Sale price $6200.
16" seat
4"X12" cantle
3"X5" horn
4"X90* bars
7/8 ring plate rig
5" bell stirrups Keith Wilson
Glen Christman Wade tree
Full 4X flower carved

if you have any questions feel free to call or email.
Thanks Much

Monday, December 19, 2011


Here are a couple saddles that I finished this month.

The first saddle is for sale, here are the specs:

16” Wade Tree made by Rod Nikkel, 4 ½”X12” cantle, 3”X4 3/4” wood post horn, Inlaid padded seat, 7/8 plate riggin, 8 button seat, Exposed stirrup leathers, 5” bells stirrups, Mohair cinch made by Kelsey Selzler, Crossover rope strap, Trace dee hobble carry

This saddle was a custom build for a customer,

16” wade tree made by Rod Nikkel, 4 ½”X12” cantle, 3”X4 ½”  wood post horn, Inlaid padded seat, 7/8 plate ring riggin, Hamley wade  Cheyenne roll, 8 button seat, 4” bell stirrups, Mohair cinch made by Kelsey Selzler, Crossover rope strap, Hobble carry

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Here are a few items I have for sale at this time. Give me a call or email for pricing. Thanks much
8X8 saddle bags

ear bridle & brow band bridle

round body chinks with mincer conchosSOLD
square corner chinks, 12" fringe

assorted spur straps,
top pair have Richard Brooks buckles & conchos

small apron split gear bag

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Armitas for sale.

Here is a pair of of very cool armitas.

They are two tone leather with square corners, they have pinked trim with spots in each 1/2 round, 11'' fringe and zippered legs(which can be changed to snaps & rings or buckles and straps) I have made these chaps to show at the Medicine Tree Ranch Rodeo in July. They are for sale. Thanks much, Steve


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Swade for Sale

Howdy; Some photos of a saddle I just finished that is for sale. this Saddle is made on a "Swade Tree" made by Glenn Christman, 16" seat, 4 1/2" cantle, 3" X 4 3/4" horn with a guadalahara horn cap, inlaid padded seat with a veg tan cover, hamley wade roll, 7/8 plate ring riggin, 4" bell stirrups, 1/4 breed flower carved with 7X california rose carving, each flower is just over 2" in size.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Saddle

Here is a saddle I just finished that is a little different for me, I don't make many team roping saddles so this order was fun. The saddle is made on a High Country tree by Rod Nikkel. The silver is made by Peter Swales. The saddle has a 3/4 inlay seat, 1/2 breed flower carved with knife cut accents on the cantle bind, rear billets, latigo and cinch carrys,

New chinks

Here are a couple pair of chinks I just finished that are for sale.

these armitas are made from a very cool piece of leather, made for a working guy. The leather is french calf boot leather, the main body of the chink is actually ruffout, the waxed finish makes it as smooth as the grain side, this will be a very durable pair of armitas.

these chinks have a armita style finge on the waist, they are made for one of the nicest feeling pieces of glovetan chap I have ever seen. They legs are done up with buckles and straps, the chinks have a pinked trim and have concho's made by John Mincer.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Saddle


This saddle could be yours!!
I am just starting the build on this saddle that will be for sale at the Mane Event in Red Deer this April. The saddle will be made on a 16" Swade tree by Glenn Christman with a 4 1/2" cantle and a 3"X4" guadalahara horn. The saddle will be a ruff out 1/4 breed combo with 7x wild roses, (quite small flowers, 2" wide) . It will have an inlaid padded seat, brass hardware and 4" bell stirrups brass covered.

Save the year and half wait on getting a custom made saddle and take this rig home!!!!