Friday, February 29, 2008

new saddle


Here are some photos of a new saddle that I just made for myself. This saddle is made on a Warren Wright wade tree, ruff out with water lily flower carved horn, rigs, back cantle, gullet and flank cinch. It has a 7/8 flat plate ring riggin and an inlaid seat.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

more armitas


I have made up a few pair of armitas in the last week or so.

These are a more traditional pair of no hardware armtias, the waist is a wrap & tie and the legs are done up with rolled leather buttons.

Here is a pair of shotguns with an armita apron, the waist is a strap & buckle, the zipper is laced in on the outside of the legs. This can keep the zipper away from the fringe and make them a little easier to do up.

These armtias are a little more modern in style, the apron does not fold over, the waist is strap & buckle and the legs are done up with snaps and rings.

Just a close up photo to illustrate how the apron is made.