Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fly Fishing

I have had a busy summer so far, between guiding fly fisherman, showing a few ranch rodeos and ranch roping some. It has been a good summer so far. Below are a few photos of some fishing trips this year.

This is me hard at work on the Bow River(what a tough job I've got in the summer), this was a real nice rainbow caught on a hopper pattern. Take notice the pink reel, this was the first client fish caught on this reel, couldn't have been a better guy to catch the first fish on this reel also. I have had the pleasure of guiding Paul a few times and it is always a great day. Anyways back to the reel, this is a breast cancer reel, a portion of the cost of the reel is donated to support breast cancer, which is a cause we all should support in some way, and as I have said before I am a BIG supporter of breasts!!

A photo of my good friend Rob stalking some rising fish, I was doing a little relaxing in the boat taking my vitamins, vitamin P that is.

Myself with Fluffy fishing in a mountain stream for cutthroats

A nice cutthroat

A few hail stones from a storm a couple weeks back.

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