Thursday, April 12, 2007

flower carving


These photos will give you a look at the process of flower carving in the order that I do things.

The first step is to draw the pattern, I draw on paper first, then once I am happy with the pattern it is traced on to tracing film.

Then the leather is cut to pattern and the borders are layed out and cut with a double cut swivel knife.

Now the tracing film is placed on the cased leather and traced onto the leather.

Then the pattern is cut with a swivel knife

the next step is to undercut bevel the entire piece

Now the flowers are beveled, then the leaves and then the vine's and stems

then the piece is back grounded
now the flowers are stamped

now the leaves are stamped

now the vines and stems are stamped

then the entire piece is dress cut with the swivel knife

Once I have finished carving the item I will allow it to dry, then it will be edged and slicked, oiled and the finish will be applied. I will post photos of the finished project. The carved pieces are the tops on a pair of anqueros.

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Bruce Gibson said...

Excellent, Steve. Beautiful work as always, and much obliged for you taking the time to show how you do it. Photography rocks, too!