Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ground seat & cantle filler


After the top ground seat piece has dried, it is then glued in place. Once glued in the process of shaping or shaving the ground seat is underway. There are no short cuts when shaping a ground seat, it can take many hours of shaving to get the shape you want, there are no flat spots or straight lines on a ground seat, between the cantle points there is a slight rise or pole to the seat, it is not made flat between the points. The rise in the seat is also not a straight line, it rises up in a valley or a concave line going to the front of the seat. The ground seat is also made to be as narrow as possible within reason.
Once the ground seat have the proper shape and is glass smooth then it is onto the cantle filler. The cantle filler will smooth out the cantle and will also aid in making the cantle bind firmer. The same process of shaving is used as when shaping the ground seat. The filler will also be glass smooth.
Then the handhole and stirrup leather slots are cut into the seat.

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