Friday, January 26, 2007

fitting seat

6;the seat is spiked in place and the drawdown stand is used to get the seat as tight as possible on the saddle. The spikes are removed and the seat temporarily screwed into place and left to dry. once the seat is dry the inlaid padded seat will be fit and then the seat will be glued into place and the cantle will be sewn.

5;Then the drawdown stand is used again to fit the top seat to the ground seat,

4;The double line border is cut in, if the seat was stamped this is when that would be done. When stamping the seat you must take the shape out of the seat so it can be laid flat on the stamping bench, once you have finished stamping the seat, it must be shaped again to fit the contours of the saddle, as you can see in the photo below the seat is not shaped to fit the ground seat yet. The next couple photos above will show a brief look at the process of shaping the seat with the drawdown stand.

3;the seat is spiked on and the rest of the seat is fit. This is not done by using a set pattern, each seat must be fit to each individual saddle.

2;the ears are fit

1;the ruff seat leather


here are some of the steps to fitting a seat.

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